LOVA | Live Life

LOVA is about living in the moment, expressing yourself, taking chances, and embracing life. We are an experience company and everything we do is made with love.

We want you to enjoy all that cannabis has to offer and…

Live It. Feel It. Touch It. Dab It. Smoke It. Eat It. Heal It. Experience It.


Our Mission

Our Story

Our is story is our mission. We believe that everything we do should be driven by love and experience. Love for growing the plant, love for growing people, and love for growing our community.

We offer better quality, better experience, and better prices. More importantly, we care about you – our customer. We are a customer-first business with a family mentality.

Our team has been involved in the cannabis industry since legalization in Colorado. In fact, our Edgewater Dispensary had the first legal recreational sale of cannabis in the country. Our experience and unparalleled knowledge help us to provide our customer with a one of a kind experience.

We look forward to living life with you!

Our Vision

We hope to lead the way in promoting professionalism, innovation, and standards of quality for the cannabis industry by providing an unforgettable, unique retail experience.

Our Values

  • Rooted in the plant & rooted in innovation
  • Share success with the community that supports us
  • Create innovative products of exceptional quality
  • Ensure equality amongst people & products

Our Pillars


We are rooted in our practices, in our community, and in our innovations by forming our foundation around the cannabis plant and creating the understanding that everything we do and practice is rooted in the plant itself.


We are balanced by nature with our approach to serving a multitude of types of consumers in the cannabis space and helping those find a balance of their own through the use of our products. We have an understanding of both the medicinal and recreational world of cannabis and between work and play.


We are an inclusive company that believes in and supports the diversity of our clientele by providing affordable luxury products and exceptional customer service to each and every customer dynamic.


We believe in the thoughtful intention that goes into every practice we embody, whether it’s retail, cultivation, or extraction. Which is why every product is Made with Lova and created to help you find your craft, whether you’re an artisan, intellectual or athlete.

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